Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Custom-Designed Jewellery in Victoria, B.C.

Van Isle Jewellers Ltd provides customers of the Greater Victoria, B.C. area with the sale, repair and restoration of gold and silver jewellery. We also specialize in custom designs, diamonds and coloured stones. Locally owned since 1948, we are focused on quality items at a reasonable price. With the knowledge and experience of our on-site goldsmiths and store staff, we are able to provide most of the jewellery-related services you require without your items leaving the store. We are proud to be the jeweller you can count on to take care of your most delicate and precious pieces.

If you have broken or worn out gold and silver items, these can be traded in as a credit towards any work we are doing for you or towards a store purchase.

Van Isle Jewellers provides the following services:

Custom Jewellery Design & Fabrication

Our talented designers create custom-designed jewellery that fits your budget. While a lot of what we do is one-of-kind-pieces, we encourage you to come in with an original idea. We will create a wax mold from which your unique piece is cast. In all, the process can take as little as two-three weeks!

Jewellery Repairs

Van Isle Jeweller Ltd repairs all types of jewellery including rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more in both silver and gold.

Jewellery Redesign

Van Isle Jeweller Ltd repairs all types of jewellery including rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more in both silver and gold.

Laser Welding

Our shop utilizes laser soldering technology to easily and more successfully design and repair jewellery. Laser welding allows precious metals and other alloys to be joined together without using solder or torches.


Our diamond jewellery collection brings together the most beautiful stones that shine bright no matter the occasion! Feel free to give us a call to learn more about the diamonds we carry.


Van Isle Jewellers Ltd carries a variety of jewellery items that feature some of the most popular gemstones including pearls, turquoise, sapphire, amber, emerald and more!


For fair jewellery appraisal services you can trust, visit Van Isle Jewellers Ltd today. The gemologist we use has the training and equipment to deliver expert appraisals. Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased and educated opinion of your jewellery’s replacement value.


We offer personalized jewellery engraving so you can incise a name, special date, a loved one’s name, or anything else onto your favorite pieces of jewellery.


We can recast and reset from your own older jewellery pieces, and fabricate engagement rings, fitted bands or other jewellery items.


We can restring all types of jewellery so you don’t have to give up wearing it! If you have a necklace or other jewellery item that has recently burst, bring it into our shop today.

Ring Resizing

Whether it’s an engagement ring or an old family heirloom, we can resize your ring so it has a snug yet comfortable fit. You can trust our staff to take great care of your most valued rings.


Fashion Jewellery

Van Isle Jewellers Ltd has a large selection of fashion jewellery to pull your look together. The right statement necklace or bangles can make all the difference.

Solder Eyeglasses

We provide soldering services for broken eyeglasses, and can usually repair them.

Jewellery Cleaning

Van Isle Jewellers Ltd can help you clean up your favorite jewellery fast. We take the time to remove the dirt and polish the metal to greatly enhance its appearance. Our team has an eye for detail and can return the sparkle to your items!

Jewellery Information

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is a source of information for all things jewellery. We want our clients to get exactly what they’re looking for while saving money in the process. If you are interested in selling or repairing some jewellery, contact us today for more information.


Van Isle Jewellers Ltd is proud to have an inventory of a wide variety of jewellery, including silver and gold chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, pearls and wedding bands. We have a selection of custom-made pieces designed and fabricated by our staff, as well as some trademark jewellery lines.

Our store carries loose stone jewellery items as well as many unique pieces you won’t find elsewhere. We also have a consignment section that is always interesting to glance through.

For a free estimate, inspection or cleaning, contact us today at (250) 418-1126.